Hanging Flower Pouches = Easy Vertical Gardens

Hanging Flower Pouches

Looking for a quick and easy way to decorate your patio, front porch or deck railing? Hanging vertical planters can look stunning without taking up a lot of space – but – permanent fixtures can get expensive.

If you want a cheaper planting solution, take a look at these hanging flower pouches I just found. Not only are they easy to set up and affix to handrails, overhangs, fences or walls – but they are cheap too. Note to self: great party decorations for a backyard barbecue!

More Benefits to Using Flower Pouches:

  • Easy to Move: Since they are not permanent, they are simple to move if you need to water them, replant or relocate your hanging garden.

  • gardener's grow pouch 12-pack setTough and Durable: These may look like measly little bags, but each one has UV protection and can hold up to 40 pounds! If your plant grows large or requires lots of soil and water – no worries!

  • Lots of Plants: Each package includes 12 pouches, and each pouch has 10 pre-cut slits for inserting your starter plants. You could decorate your entire front porch, walkway and backyard patio with a single kit!

  • Flower Pouches Hanging on Fence GateVersatile: Pouches can be hung pretty much anywhere. In addition to your typical wall, fence or overhang, they can be use on things like lamp posts, mail boxes, deck railings, trellises and more. You can even place several pockets together to create a living wall or privacy screen.

  • “Hangers” Included: Each bag has its own handle, so all you need are wall hooks or nails to hang your planters on. This translates less hardware and materials to buy…

  • Healthy Growing Environment: The breathable and draining fabric is ideal for flowers and greens that require drainage. Oxygen can easily penetrate and aerate the soil as well. Happier plants typically results in more flowers and healthier looking foliage, less maintenance and money saved.

  • Handy Herb Garden: Take one bag and turn it into a 10-herb vertical garden. It’s super easy and compact, and you can cook with fresh herbs year-round (for cheap!)

4 More Pouch-Planting Tips:

1. Now, you will need to buy your own plants and soil. My suggestion: choose a variety that grows quickly and fills out so that the pouch disappears behind the greenery (like you see in the photos). Impatiens and petunias are a popular choice, and I also like spider plants because they are such a hardy plant and look nice year-round.

2. Keep in mind the location where you will hang your mini vertical garden. Full sun will cause the soil to dry out quickly, so shady or partial shade locations can often work better (and require less watering).

3. Fertilizer is also important for container plants, especially hanging containers that receive more exposure. Proven Winners Plant Company has some good tips, including using a controlled-release fertilizer.

4. It may seem obvious, but make sure that the beams, fences, railings or other structures can support the weight of your pocket planter. =)

gardener's flower pocketThe Flower Pouch is a simple solution for busy people who want to grow herbs or flowering plants in their yards.

Switch plants out seasonally for a festive look or create mini gardens for your friends as gifts. They are easy to make, inexpensive and one-of-a-kind.

Don’t forget: they are also a bright and cheerful way to freshen up a patio for a party or special event…


Stacked Planter Boxes : Freestanding Vertical Garden

Half-Wall of Self-Watering Stacked Planter Boxes

Stacked planter boxes provide a simple way to create a stand-alone vertical garden without having to build one yourself. In fact, you don’t need any tools.

These easy stacking planters can create unique and beautiful living privacy walls. In addition, you can use them to partition a space.

Each kit comes with 5 planters, so you can get as many sets as you want to create a living wall the exact size that you want. Simply stack and connect them together.

I Love the Built-in Self-Watering System:

In addition to having a super simple to set up, this vertical garden requires very little maintenance. In fact, it virtually takes care of itself.

Each container has an irrigation system built right into it. Plus, when you connect multiple planters together, the water trickles from the upper to the lower planters to create a very effective and efficient watering system. Not to mention – low maintenance!

Self Watering Features of Stacked Planter Boxes

As you can see, mosquitos and other insects can’t access the water inside the irrigation system. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about inviting more bugs into your yard.

Marigold Flowers that Repel MosquitoesMosquito Tip: By the way, you can repel mosquitoes naturally in your yard by planting certain types of plants. For example, marigolds, basil, lavender and lemon balm. Although citronella oil helps keep mosquitoes away, the actual plant has not shown to be very effective. (source)

Using the Stacked Planter Boxes Indoors…

Furthermore, the smart design of these “Brick Stack-and-Connect” planters enable you to use them indoors.

The containers don’t leak out the bottom because they feature the water-saving reservoirs. Plus, they come with a water level indicator that you can see.

Want a unique living room divider or a vertical garden in your home? This option costs much less than many wall-hung options. Plus, you can set it up yourself.

Stacked Planter Boxes for Interior Decoration and Privacy Walls

These modern, modular planter boxes add a lot of style to any space, whether you use them on a patio, balcony, backyard, in an office, kitchen, etc.. In other words, you don’t need to create a privacy wall or room divider to enjoy them.

They give you lots of versatility. Install them virtually anywhere, move them around, use them for special events and more.

Plus, they are so well constructed that you can expect them to last many years with little maintenance. In fact, commercial establishments use them as part of their exterior design.

And, as I mentioned above, the practically take care of themselves.

The video below demonstrates how easy it is to set up this vertical garden. Plus, it shows how the irrigation system works, plant and decorating ideas and more.

Get the Planters Here

You’ll also notice that many of the design ideas only use 5 containers. Therefore, in many cases, you will only need to get a single kit. That said, you can connect as many kits as you want to suit your needs.

Each Set Includes:

  • 5 Brick planters
  • 2 Connecting Tubes
  • 2 Decorative Panels and Max Water Level Viewers

Specs for Stacked Planter Boxes: