What are the Best Vertical Garden Kits < $100

Bright Green Vertical Garden Kit on WallLiving Wall Planter + Frame Kit
4 star rating

What I like about this kit is that it’s super easy, but after your plants have a little time to grow, all you will see are plants in a frame. It’s magical. Most people won’t know how you created it, and you’ll have an impressive work of art that makes you look like a genius!

This kit contains everything you need to start your vertical garden – except the plants and a little bit of soil. It even comes with an irrigator and water collector, so you don’t have to figure out a watering system yourself.

The wooden frame (different options available!) is primed and ready to go. You can stain it, paint it or even use chalkboard paint so you can easily label an herb garden.

7 Pocket Vertical Garden Kit Hanging on Wall7-Pocket Recycled Hanging Planter
5 Star Rating

If you have shopped around for vertical garden planters before, you are probably familiar with the “pocket planters”. These are very popular now because people have discovered how easy they are to use.

Their breath-able fabric helps plants grow healthy, and they are lightweight to hang. Once plants mature with full foliage, the pockets seem to disappear into the background, so plants appear as if they are growing out of the wall.

Another reason that these pocket planters are a hot-seller is that they are affordable. You can get several kits and still stay well under $100.

Worth Self-Watering Planter Hung on WallSelf-Watering Vertical Planter

If you want to install a simple vertical garden on a fence or outdoor wall but you prefer plastic pots to fabric pockets, this vertical growing system is pretty cool.

The pots are sold in sets of 3, so you can make your living wall as large or as small as you like. These sets can be stacked on top of each other os installed in rows.

They offer a very clean and structured look, and once plants are full-grown, the structure itself is barely visible.

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