$60 Vertical Garden Kit with Built-In Irrigation?

Vertical Garden Kit with IrrigationVertical gardens can be a great way to grow plants, flowers, vegetable or herbs – especially for people with limited space.

There are several kits that make vertical gardening easy to set up, plus many are affordable… but the challenging part is trying to figure out an easy way to irrigate your plants.

Many of us don’t want to have to remember to water our planter regularly (or take the extra time to do it). Furthermore, watering the plants evenly is important, without watering too much or too little.

If that wasn’t enough, it can be challenging to get water to the roots when you are spraying water at your garden from the side. If you’ve tried this before and don’t know what you’re doing, it can turn into quite a mess (I’m speaking from personal experience…).

Vertical Garden Irrigation System Close-UpInstalling a drip watering system that is attached to a timer can solve this problem. However, that gives us yet another time-consuming task to do – plus we have to figure out how to do it (and conceal it so that our garden doesn’t look like a mess!).

In my opinion, when an irrigation system is already built-in, your garden is more likely to grow “effortlessly” because there are less mistakes that can be made (not to mention extra time and cost involved). You don’t have to worry as much about dead plants that you then have to re-plant. This grower is super easy and takes the work out of an otherwise more complicated work-intensive project.

I found this really cool vertical garden planter that has built-in irrigation that comes in sections. You’ve probably already noticed the photos of it above already.

This style of container is great because you can piece several sections together to create a large lush green wall without having to buy a huge structure. You can also add onto your garden over time simply by connecting more sections.

Living Wall Made from Vertical Garden Kits

A big deterrent for people who want to create a living wall is the work involved and cost. Larger structures often require hiring professional installers, and this can add up. When you can do it yourself in smaller manageable pieces, the job becomes easy – while still looking like a professional installation.

Vertical Garden with IrrigationAs you can see from the photo, mature plants can grow to cover the container completely, hiding the fact that there is any structure there at all. It can look almost like you have flowers or leaves growing right out a fence or wall. Pretty cool.

Of course, if you use slower-growing species like succulents, you won’t get this effect, so grow accordingly…