Best Beginner Vertical Growing Guides for Vegetables

woman gardening in greehouseVertical gardening is not difficult, but there are some “tricks of the trade” that made building and maintaining a vertical garden much easier and more efficient.

By avoiding many of the common mistakes that beginners make, you can be a pro at growing vertically right from the start – which means saving money, saving time and sidestepping the headaches and hassles that come with not knowing what you’re doing.

The good news is that you don’t have to take a class or spend a lot of money figuring out how to do this stuff. About $20 will do the trick – and you can get all of the information you need. Below are the most loved start-up guides you can find on Amazon. See what you think.

Vertical Gardening for More Vegetables and Flowers in Much Less Space

Want to know how to double your food production in the same amount of garden space? Expert Derek Fell explains how to effectively combine vertical growers with ground growers and grow healthier plants in this guide.

If you’re looking for a little more guidance with your gardening (ie. you’re new to all this), Derek has tips on preparing your soil, propagating plants, starting from seed, composting, fertilizing, controlling weeds, proper pruning and more.

Need design tips on making your vertical gardens look good? No problem. It’s all in here.

Tip: download it onto your kindle and save $8, and part of a tree.

Vertical Vegetables & Fruit: Creative Techniques for Small Spaces

Warning: Don’t get this guide unless you are planning on growing edibles. If you don’t heed my warning, you will probably start growing them.

Get instructions and tips on growing all sorts of fruits (even kiwis!) and vegetables, plus advice on putting together a variety of different vertical growing structures. What I like about getting creative with structure-building is that you often realize that you can use building materials that you already have, or you can get stuff really cheap. And there’s nothing wrong with saving money!

Ever consider growing melons on a slanted fence? Or growing a vertical garden on your windowsill? Even experienced gardeners will find some good ideas in this guide, and people working with limited space will especially like it.

Vertical Vegetable Gardening: A Living Free Guide

If you want to start a vertical vegetable garden and are looking for ways to save money, this guide has plenty of ideas. Expert Chris Mcloughlin has plenty of ideas for building your own structures from scratch in addition to re-purposing things that you already have. (ie. Grow potatoes in a garbage bag! – hello??)

Chris also shares her time-tested tips, like different strategies for effective watering, organic pest control and a special section on growing herbs vertically. Oh, and also her plant propagation tips, so you can essentially have free plants forever.

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