EarthTower Garden: Grow Lots of Plants in a Small Space

Earth Tower Vertical Gardens

3 EarthTower Vertical Gardens in Action…

What makes the EarthTower different?

Earth Tower in BackyardIf you want to grow a lot of plants, herbs, vegetables, flowers or fruit in a small space, the EarthTower makes it easy. Not only is it compact and efficient for plant growth and watering – but it also rolls around on casters so you can move it around as you like.

This is especially convenient for people who live in urban areas where space comes at a premium. You may only have a small patio, deck or porch to plant on – and you may also want to use it for barbecuing and entertaining as well. With a planter that rolls, you can easily move your garden out of the way when needed.

However, just because this garden is compact, it doesn’t mean that you have to have a small yard to use it. The upscale and modern (yet rustic) look of the planter makes it add style and class any space, whether it’s a front entryway, a pool deck or a walkway.

So, here are the numbers on how efficient this planter is…

EarthTower DiagramIt has 4 sides and only takes up a 2′ x 2′ footprint – but it provides 46′ of “gardening rows” in which to plant. You don’t need a huge backyard but as I said, you can grow your own mini urban farm in a surprisingly tiny amount of space.

It has a specially-designed interior watering system which you irrigate from the top. The water then trickles down through the soil and efficiently feeds all of the plants. Not only do you waste less water, but with one central irrigation point, you spend less time watering too. This vertical garden is brilliantly designed, in my opinion.

Something I really like:

Girl Watering EarthTowerAnother thing I like about this container’s compact design is that you can do all of your gardening from a single seated position.

No more hunching over as you walk around the vegetables garden planting and harvesting. No more lugging around heavy buckets, materials and plants.

Do all of your gardening as you sit on a patio chair or stool (or standing on a footladder!), and suddenly planting and harvesting is a lot less work.

You can even spin your garden to access all 4 sides without even having to get up and move around.

Easy assembly with and impressive look…

Yes, this vertical garden kit does require some assembly, but it is really easy (even the wheels snap on!). Plus, it’s already made of rot-resistant cypress wood and pre-stained (non-toxic). When you’re done putting it together, it will look like a fancy expensive planter that you bought at the store rather than a DIY kit.

Essentially, there are screws at the top and the bottom of the unit, and the planting “shelf” slats slide right in. If you want to see photos of how to put together and fill the EarthTower, click here

Most other “tower” type vertical garden kits that I’ve come across are typically made of round, plastic containers that don’t really give that “finished look” until they are completely covered in plants. They can work fine, but if you’re looking for something a little more upscale, the Earth Tower garden is better.