Grow a Vertical Lettuce Garden – with Self-Watering Planter

Do you want to grow leafy greens at home – but you don’t have a large backyard or lots of time? The Mr Stacky Smart Farm vertical lettuce garden includes almost everything you need. Plus it makes gardening and “home farming” super easy!

Automatic Self Watering Hydroponic Vertical Lettuce Garden Home Kit

How to Grow Lettuce Year-Round at Home with an Indoor/Outdoor Hydroponic Lettuce Tower:

I’ve always wondered about the easiest way to start growing lettuce at home without spending a bunch of money. I think I’ve found a simple, low-cost solution.

It’s the Mr Stacky Smart Farm, and it virtually runs on its own. Plus, this DIY lettuce tower allows you to grow plants vertically without taking up a bunch of space.

Mr Stacky Smart Farm Hydroponic Vertical Garden - Grow Lettuce, Vegetables, Berries & Herbs at Home the Easy Way

As a result, this all-inclusive starter kit works well for people who live in cities or apartments. You don’t need a large yard to grow your own vegetables, and you can do it on a budget. Plus, you don’t really even have to know how to grow plants.

How Does the Home Hydroponic Lettuce Garden Work?

This hydroponic planter has a self-watering system, so all you need to do is fill the tank, add food and set the timer. Not only does this system save you time, it conserves water too.

The built-in pump pushes the water to the top tier of pots, where it drains down into the lower containers. All plants receive equal and consistent irrigation for healthier growth and larger produce.

Note: The water re-circulates in the self-contained vertical planter, and you only need to change the water every 2-3 weeks. Talk about a low maintenance garden!

Furthermore, you can grow a 20-plant garden in less than 4 feet of floor/ground space. No need to build a raised bed, install irrigation and try to keep all the pests out.

The compact frame enables you to start a mini farm virtually anywhere. Plus, you can grow organic lettuce, herbs, veggies and more during winter.

Smart Farm Vertical Garden Includes:

Hydroponic Lettuce Garden Kit with Planters, Water Reservoir, Pump, Timer and Food

  • 5 Large Stacking Planters
  • 16 Gallon Reservoir
  • Heavy Duty Lid
  • 250 GPH Submersible Pump
  • 7-Day Digital Timer
  • Water Distribution Head
  • Starter Plant Food
  • All Pipes, Tubes, Adapters, Growing Guide

* Soil and lettuce seeds sold separately. You can also purchase additional plant food here.

** If you want to roll your Smart Farm planter around, Mr Stacky makes a matching roller tray on wheels. This makes it super easy to move your herb or vegetable garden, even when it’s full or plants.

How to Grow Hydroponic Strawberries in a Mr Stacky Smart Farm Vertical PlanterNote: By the way, you don’t have to grow only lettuce in this hydroponic planter. Besides leafy greens, the manufacturer suggest cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, zucchini squash, peas and strawberries. In fact, you can even grow root vegetables like beets or larger fruit like watermelon or butternut squash.

How to Start Growing Lettuce in 3 Steps:

1. First, fill the 16-gallon water reservoir. Then, add 2 teaspoons of the included plant food per gallon of water.

Hydroponic Soil Containing Coco Peat and Perlite Together2. Next, add growing medium to each planting container. The manufacturer recommends 75% Coco Peat with 25% Perlite. You can get a potting mix containing both ingredients here.

3. Last, add seeds or starter plants to each planter, set the timer and plug in the water pump. You’ve got yourself an automated gardening system that runs on its own. Growing lettuce, vegetables or herbs can’t get much easier!

Have question about how to get started? The company actually offers online chat support to customers, so don’t feel like you’re gardening alone.

Easy At-Home Hydroponic Lettuce Garden Growing Kit for Home Gardeners

Smart Farm Vertical Lettuce Garden Specs:

  • Dimensions: 18.5″ Diameter x 49″ Tall
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • 5 Tiers (not expandable)
  • 20 Planting Compartments
  • 16-Gallon Water Reservoir (lasts 2-3 weeks)
  • 6-Foot Power Cord
  • 3 Color Options: Stone, Black or Terra Cotta
  • Includes 7-Day Digital Timer
  • Does Not Include Dirt or Seeds
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Brand: Mr Stacky
  • Customer Service Phone: (386) 219-0943
  • Made in USA
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Self-Watering Planter