Vertical Plant Wall… that You Can Move!

Here is an awesome concept for a vertical garden – one that moves!

Not only can you reposition it depending on where you want it at the moment, it can act as a privacy wall or space divider (not to mention a decorative planter!)

This video below explains how you can build your own, if you are handy and want to take on a fun project. Keep in mind, however, that you can also get a pre-made kit and create your own DIY vertical garden using some simple tips that we explain below.

So how can you turn this vertical plant wall project into an easier one?

new age vertical living wallCheck out the New Age Garden Living Wall Planter. It’s about $100 and measures almost 4 feet tall and almost 3 feet wide. By attaching inexpensive casters to the base of the planter, you’ve quickly creative a movable garden.

Now, since the container is only 8″ deep, my suggestion would be to get 2 planters and place them back-to-back to create a more stable container. Use screws or nuts and bolts to secure both backs together. Attach a piece of plywood to the base of both and then add the casters.

You’ve got a double-sided planter with lots of gardening space without a lot of work.

For a longer, larger garden, simply make multiple planters and position them together. Having smaller movable gardens makes them easier to move and more versatile in where you can place them.