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carol and sylvia gardening

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Carol Miller, and I’m happy to help you if you have any questions about vertical gardening. Please contact us if you have any questions!

I first learned about vertical gardening when trying to decorate a bare ugly fence next to my house. Below the fence was a concrete walkway, so I didn’t have an area to plant any trees. Therefore, a vertical garden could add live greenery and landscape interest to an otherwise “blah” space.

Then, I found out about gutter gardens, framed succulent planters, vertical herb gardens and pocket planters. Plus, I discovered how you could decorate indoor walls with faux boxwood panels to make realistic living walls.

Vertical gardens come in a wide variety of designs and styles You can build them yourself or buy pre-made planter kits that make set up quick and easy. And if you like low-maintenance, check out self-watering vertical gardens too!

Carol Miller


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