Complete DIY Vertical Garden Kit – Made Easy for Homeowners

Check out a new design in convenient indoor/outdoor vertical garden planters: the Urban Eden. This unit comes with built-in self-irrigation, and you can use it inside or outdoors. Plus, it stands on its own as a freestanding planter, so you can easily more it around. No wall or fence required!

Urban Eden Vertical Garden Planter with 5 Levels, Freestanding Design, Use Inside or Outdoors
All-in-One Vertical Garden Kit

The Urban Eden is easy to assemble and set up. Plus it’s lightweight, weighing under 30 pounds. On top of that, the compact size allows you grow 5 levels of plants, flowers or herbs in a small amount of space.

Before this vertical garden planter came out, we used the Grownomics garden planter.

Size Factors: The Pros and Cons

This is a fairly large container, measuring at almost 3 feet wide by 4 feet tall. This is great if you have lots of things you want to plant, but so not great if you are looking for a lightweight structure. Since it is taller than wider, however, this vertical garden container can look great set up on a bench or even on the ground leaning up against a wall. You don’t necessarily need to hang it up.

Planting Compartments:

Another advantage is that the planter “shelves” are built at a slant, making it easier for plants to stay intact. This also works well at preventing dirt and water from sneaking out the front. It also makes for a cleaner look.

And for those of us who are growing plants vertically to make efficient use of space – there is extra planter space along the top as well. Another benefit to this feature is that it can be used for plants that need more sunlight or grow too tall to be planted horizontally.

What Do I Think is the Best Thing About It?

woman gardening in greenhouseBy far, I think the best thing about his vertical garden kit is the pre-installed irrigation and drainage system. If you have ever tried to build your own vertical garen container, you know that installing a working watering system with good drainage is not always simple, and it can end up costing ore that you expect in materials (not to mention time). Just something to think about…

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Gronomics Vertical Garden Planter
Manufactured by: Gronomics
Model: VG3245
$299 $355 New