How to Create a “Living Wall” with a Plant Stand Rack

Do you want an easy way to display plants vertically, without having to install a permanent planter on your wall? This freestanding plant stand rack can hold up to 17 different plants, and you can keep them in their own flower pots…

Bamboo Plant Stand Rack

This 4-foot tall wooden plant stand has several different advantages, besides being easy to assemble and set-up.

1. Use this Durable Plant Stand Indoors or Outside:

First of all, the hardwearing bamboo wood frame can handle moisture and resists insects. So, you can use it indoors or outside on a patio or deck.

Plus, since bamboo requires minimal maintenance, you can pay attention to your plants more instead of worry about the display shelves.

Slatted Shelves on 9-Tier Plant Rack Allows better Light and Ventilation for Plants

2. Shelves Allow for Optimal Light & Air Circulation:

Second, The slatted shelf design allows light and air flow through the racks. As a result, your plants can get plenty of light and air circulation for healthier growth.

The open slats also add to the contemporary look of this unit. Not to mention, they allow for adequate drainage when used outside.

3. Compact Size Fits Well in Small Spaces:

Third, the space-saving structure fits really well in smaller rooms or outdoor areas, like a balcony. Although it stands almost 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide, it only comes out about 8 inches from the wall.

In other words, you can display a lot of plants (17, remember!) without taking up much floor space. In fact, this plant rack can make a convenient indoor herb garden if you have enough light.

9-Plant Herb Garden Kit for Growing an Indoor Herb Garden in Your Kitchen

4. Get More Versatility by using Flower Pots:

Fourth, these multi-tier plant stands enable you to keep plants in separate flower pots. Therefore, you can easily replant or replace each as needed.

Flower Pots with Invisible Drainage Trays Built inIn addition, you can use flower pots with built-in drainage trays to catch excess water. You can avoid water run-off when using this planter stand indoors, plus you can water plants differently depending on their needs.

Not to mention, you can use all sizes and shapes of eclectic containers to customize the look of your vertical garden. You can quickly turn a boring wall into an exciting focal point in the room.

5. Lightweight Plant Racks Move Easily:

Fifth, you can easily pick up and move plant stands, compared to wall-mounted planters or hanging floral pockets. This feature comes in handy if you live in an apartment or like to re-arrange your furniture occasionally.

6. This Plant Stand has Many Uses:

Sixth, this modern bamboo shelving unit can hold more than just plants. For example, you can turn it into a family photo display, a mini bookcase or other home decor items.

In other words, it’s very versatile. If you suddenly get rid of all of your plants, you can still use this handy flower rack in multiple ways.

Dimensions for Bamboo 9-Tier Flower Pot Stand

Specs for the Flower Pot Plant Stand Rack:

  • Dimensions: 47.2″ Tall x 35.8″ Wide x 8.3″ Deep
  • 9 Tiers
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Some Assembly Required
  • Brand: Copree
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Planter Stand