Easy Mobile Vertical Garden – with Self Watering System?

4-Tier Mobile Vertical Garden on WheelsDo you want a mobile vertical garden that you can roll around on wheels? Watex makes a movable green wall that you can easily relocate around a balcony, patio or even indoors.

In addition, this vertical planter kit comes with self-watering drip irrigation. This takes a lot of the work out of gardening, plus it can keep your plants healthier.

You can actually buy an automated drip watering system (with water tank!) that attaches directly to the drip line. Therefore, you can schedule your plants to get watered automatically – and you don’t need a hose or spigot nearby.

A Convenient Planter Idea for Newbies or Urban Gardeners:

As you can imagine, these portable planters provide a perfect solution for urban gardeners. Not only can they save you time if you want to eat fresh organic herbs year round, this mobile planter is ultra-convenient.

Not to mention, the easy DIY set-up and low-maintenance operation gives beginners a simple way to get into vertical gardening on a budget. Yes, you can become more self-sufficient without having to be an expert homesteader!

Note: Containers are made with food-safe plastic, so you can comfortably grow herbs, fruit or vegetables in them.

In addition, all planters contain reservoirs to hold excess water. As a result, this efficient system allows you to conserve water while keeping your garden well-hydrated.

How to Assemble the Watex Mobile Green Wall:

In the video below, you can see step-by-step instructions on how to put together the double-sided mobile planter. Plus, you can see how to attach the drip irrigation lines (included in kit).

This complete kit takes all of the guesswork out of building a homemade drip system from scratch. Plus, drip watering saves time, money and water via its efficient water distribution. Simply connect the system to your garden hose.

Save More Money with a Single Frame (One-Sided) Mobile Green Wall:

Single Frame Watex Vertical Planter with 9 Pots - Use Against a Wall, for Smaller GardensAlternatively, you can buy this vertical planter in a single-frame version. In other words, it is one-sided, so it works better against a wall (and if you want a smaller garden).

The kit comes with 9 planter pots instead of the 18 you get in the larger model. However, the package only saves you $20. So, the larger package offers a significantly better bargain, if you’re on the fence making a decision.

The height and width dimensions are the same, 45 inches tall by 18 inches wide. Consequently, it works well in small spaces and easily fits through doorways.

Specs for the Mobile Vertical Garden:

How to Add Automatic Drip Irrigation:

Watex also makes a mobile drip irrigation kit that will water your vertical garden automatically. Therefore, you don’t need to connect your mobile green wall to a spigot.

Mobile Drip Watering Kit for Indoor or Outdoor Vertical GardensThis gives you a lot more options as far was where to you can set up your planter. For example, you can assemble your planter on a balcony or upstairs deck without having to water it yourself everyday.

Furthermore, you don’t need to locate the drip system near a power outlet. It conveniently runs on a USB re-chargeable timer.

In addition, you can use your mobile vertical garden indoors and have it set up to water automatically. This also comes in handy for people who travel frequently or want to go on long vacations.

Not to mention, you can get watering done faster by using multiple lines at once, even if you use the manual option. Talk about convenient and efficient gardening!

Watex Aquamatic Kit Includes:

Watex Mobile Irrigation Kit for Container Plants, Included battery Operated Timer

  • 9.7 Gallon Water Tank with Lid
  • Automatic Irrigation System
  • About 16.4 Yards of 4mm tube
  • 5 Tee Pieces
  • 10 Inline Drip Pieces
  • 5 End Drip Emitters
  • Charging Cord
  • *Note: 4 AA required, but not included

By the way, this all-in-one package works well for container gardening as well. In other words, you don’t have to have a vertical garden to use it.

The automated system allows you to set the timer from once a week to multiple times daily. Plus, you can schedule watering from 2 minutes up to 120 minutes. (You can also water plants manually using this system, should you notice that they need extra hydration.)