Downspout Vertical Planter Makes Small-Space Gardening Easy

Adjustable Downspout Planters to to Hide Downspouts and Grow Plants VerticallyNew: Check out the Wrap-Around Planter for downspouts, mailboxes and posts. You can adjust them to fit posts and install them at any height.

In addition, they have built in drainage holes which divert water away from posts. They snap together and install in minutes.

Downspout Vertical Planter attaches to downspout for easy vertical gardeningNot everyone has the ground space to plant a garden, nor do they have the time to build one. I’ve found a very unique, easy-to-install downspout vertical planter that makes vertical gardening easy!

You don’t have to buy a large, expensive package that takes hours to set up. Rather, you can install these stacking planter boxes in minutes.

Plus, they cost about the same as standard plant containers plus the materials you would need to hang them if you bought everything separately. This concept is really genius, especially if you want to conceal an ugly downspout.

It puts a new twist on gutter gardening, right?

How to Install the Downsprout Vertical Garden in 5 Minutes:

The video below demonstrates how simple it is to install this vertical garden. In fact, outside of a screwdriver, you don’t need any tools to position the planters.

The stacking bracket system makes installation fast and easy, plus you fasten them using basic cable ties. No drilling, sawing or permanently impacting the exterior your home, yet just as secure!

Plus, they already have drainage holes. And, excess water can drain into the container below it, conserving water and making less mess.

Not to mention, you can easily remove the flower boxes when needed. For example, you can conveniently dump the contents and refill the soil or plants on a gardening bench.

Note: By the way, vertical garden system also works on pergola, deck or porch posts! Don’t limit yourself to just gutter downspouts – use them where they will be most convenient for you.

Save Money: Only Buy the Number of Planters You Need

Vertical Garden on DownspoutYou can cover the entire length of your downspout with foliage. However, this vertical garden kit doesn’t require you to buy a bunch of containers.

Simply buy what you need, because they come in sets of 2. Then, fit them together to create the length you need. See also: mounting instructions.

Note: Alternatively, you can just purchase one set. These elevated planter boxes provide a smart strategy for growing an herb garden that won’t be eaten by gophers, rabbits, cats, etc..

I love this idea for growing strawberries too. =)

Specs for Downspout Vertical Planter:

Downspout Vertical Garden

  • Dimensions: 18.2″ Long x 12.2″ Tall x 8.8″ Deep
  • Weight: 4.25 lbs
  • Color: Grey
  • Material: UV-Resistant Exterior Grade Plastic
  • Package Includes: 2 Planters, 2 Brackets & Mounting Hardware
  • Made in USA
  • Manufacturer: Smart Spring, Gaiam Engineering, Phone: 877-424-6364

Another Reason I Like this Downspout Vertical Planter…

I really like how these containers have a wide yet narrow shape. You can therefore grow a good-sized garden without having a large planter sticking out from the wall.

Not to mention, the shallow design enables plants with larger leaves to completely cover the planter itself. Hence, the container turns virtually invisible.