Drip Watering Kits for Vertical Gardens – How to Save Money

If you are building a large living garden along a fence or wall, you don’t want it turn into a time-consuming chose to water the whole thing.

Advantages of a Drip Watering SYstem:

Easy Irrigation SystemsNot only are drip watering systems inexpensive and easy to install yourself, they can save you a lot of time watering and even use less water due to their efficiency. If you have a hose bib nearby, you can attach your drip line through a hose timer and schedule your waterings so that you never have to pick up a watering can.

The cool thing about vertical planters is that most of them allow you to water the lop level, and the water will automatically flow down to the lower levels. This means that you don’t have to use as much water, but you also don’t need to buy a huge drip kit with lots of drip line.

You can usually just extend the hose along the top of the planter and have it irrigate all of your plants very efficiently. The rest of hose can be cleverly hidden behind or along the edge of the planter so that you don’t even notice it. Brilliant!

If you have never installed drip lines, it’s simply a matter of buying an irrigation hose along with connectors, adapters and drippers or sprinkler heads. For a newbie, it can be intimidating to try and figure out which parts to get and which sizes so that they all fit together properly and do the right thing.

Best Prices on Drip Irrigation Kits:

Raindrip Automatic Drip Watering Kit with Hose, Emitters, Connectors and TimerIt will have most, if not everything that you need. If you need more parts or hose line, you can simply take pieces to your local hardware store and match them to the correct pieces you need.

Some drip watering kits just include the hose, connectors and emmiters. The drip timer with connecter will usually run you another $40.

However, you can get a kit, like the Raindrip Automatic Watering Kit, which includes the hose, parts and watering timer altogether for about $35-50. This way, you get everything you need all at once, and you know they will all fit together.