How to Make a Vertical Garden [ Hanging Fence Planters! ]

Sure, vertical gardens are space-saving, functional and chic, but they are not always super simple. There are a few that we having listed on this site, but I found one that I really like because it has upward-facing planters AND they have self-watering reservoirs.

Hanging Plastic Terra Cotta Flower Pots for Fence Railings, and more

These 2 features are really great, because vertical gardens can tend to dry out, especially when placed in the sun with water-loving plants.

The Fiskars 3 Piece Hanging Gardening System is exactly as I said – and more. The planters come apart so that you can arrange them any which way you like.

Let’s say you have a tall vertical space near your front door where you want to add some green “decor”. Voila – arrange a tall column of these planters and you’ve got an instant vertical garden.

On the other hand, let’s say you want to create a long, horizontal herb garden that hangs off a porch railing. These guys are perfect for that too. Make it as long as you want, make it 1 row, 2 rows or more – it’s all up to you.

How to Hang Flower Pots on a Fence or Railing:

Fiskar's Vertical Planter Kit on Fence

Each planter has conveniently concealed hooks that hold another planter beneath it, should you decide to place on there. Just snap them together! The uppermost container can be attached easily (and cheaply) to a railing with simple zip ties. This vertical garden kit could not be easier.

Whether you need to conserve space or you simply want to create a decorative vertical garden, this is a great way to do it. Heck – you could even build an entire wall if you wanted.

More Advantages to these Railing-Hanging Planters:

These planters offer a creative way for people to save time and money. However, are they well-made? Will they last a long time? And will they require a lot of maintenance?

Fiskars Vertical Planter Kit on Deck Railing

Well, you probably know already from what I mentioned above. However, I didn’t say that the flower pots are made of a strong plastic designed to stand up to weather, resist fading and cracking.

It’s also a natural terra cotta color, so it doesn’t make your home look cheap. Also, because of it’s material, it’s easy to keep clean and looking new.

The built-in reservoirs make watering a breeze – in fact you don’t have to water your plants as often, and thus, it’s lower in maintenance. Use drought tolerant plants or position your garden in a shady area, and it’s even less work!

These low-maintenance planters are not a bad deal at about $25 for 3 attachable pots. Plus, they’re easy. Click here to find out more.