How to Make Succulent Wall Art – Easy DIY Project

Succulent Garden in FrameMaking your own succulent wall garden may be easier than you think. There are some basic inexpensive frame kits that you can buy, and the instructions are simple. You can create your own one-of-a-kind vertical garden in an afternoon – sometimes under an hour. They’re that easy!

These small living works of art are interesting to look at, but they also are really low maintenance as well. They work well indoors or out and require very little water. Because they are so unique, they make great gifts – even for people who are difficult to shop for – because most people don’t already have one.

The video below explains the materials you need to get started and how to create your succulent wall art from start to finish. Essentially, all that is needed is a frame kit, soil and the succulents themselves.

Vertical garden kits usually have everything you need structurally built-in, so this means a lot less work, materials to buy and mistakes to make.

8-Pack of Succulents for Making a Framed Vertical GardenYou can purchase succulents at your local nursery or garden center, but depending on your location and time of year, there may not be a large selection.

It also may end up being more expensive, since you don’t need large plants, and that may be all that is available. Compare prices and see if you can get them online cheaper. For example, this collection of 20 plants is just under $26.

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