Vertical Gardens with Convenient Slide-Out Planters

Algreen Garden View Vertical Planter with Slider Out Plant BasketsDo you want a vertical garden where you can easily remove and replace plants? The Algreen Garden View planter has slide-out containers, so you can easily switch plants when needed.

For example, if you grow annuals or want to change up the look of your garden seasonally, you can. In addition, this system makes a convenient set up for an herb garden, or even growing strawberries.

The sturdy wood frame holds the planters securely in place and attached to a wall or fence. Therefore, you can grow your plants or edibles off of the ground and away from critters.

Alternatively, this vertical garden can stand on its own as a freestanding unit. As a result, you can move it around if you want.

Note: This kit comes ready to assemble, so some assembly is required. However, you can put it together quickly, and this extra step will save you money on shipping.

Vertical Garden with Slide-Out Shelves Offer More Versatility:

In addition to being more versatile and mobile, this type of vertical garden typically has containers that are upright, which means that you don’t have to worry about dirt spilling out. If you ar growing a larger or taller flowers or herbs, some people prefer to remove one or more of the planter boxes to provide extra room for plants to grow. Having the ability to grow taller varieties is an advantage to this type of garden, since many vertical gardens require smaller plants.

The Algreen Planter is More Functional and User-Friendly:

Vertical Garden Planter on Wall in Kitchen for Growing HerbsAs I mentioned above, you can use this planter for growing herbs. Plus, you can use it indoors or outside.

So, if your kitchen gets enough light or sunshine, you can set up your vertical garden on a kitchen wall. Consequently, you can have fresh herbs within easy reach for cooking – while also keeping clutter off of your counters. =)

Use this Planter Kit in a Variety of Ways:

The Algreen vertical garden kit has an aesthetically-pleasing design. Therefore, you can place it by a front door, along a walkway or on a patio wall to create an interesting and colorful focal point.

Create an edible garden with fresh herbs or berries without needing a lot of space for a vegetable garden. You could also plant aromatic plants like jasmine or rosemary to add extra ambiance on a balcony or patio.

Algreen Garden View Vertical Planter with Slider Out Plant BasketsAlgreen Vertical Garden with Slide-Out Planters

This planter can be mounted to a wall or a fence, or you can even use it freestanding. It’s great for herb gardens or any plant that you regularly clip or containers that you want to move around. The wood frame is approximately 32.5 x 11.5 x 8 inches and has 3 planter boxes that you can slide in and take out using the pre-set slots.

About $125 and ships free!