Simple Ideas for Making a Vertical Trellis with Pots

One of the simplest ways to start a vertical garden is with a vertical trellis and pots. The materials are inexpensive and don’t require any tools to make. Pots can be added, moved and replaced easily to create different look or add new plants as well.

Vertical Trellis Window Garden
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Types of Trellises You Can Use:

This type of vertical garden is very versatile. You can lean a trellis against a patio wall, attach it to a rectangular planter or stake it in the ground (Yes, these are the same trellises you would use to grow a vine).

You can use a basic wood trellis frame or get a metal one to hold heavier pots. In either case, you can paint your frames for a more finished or sophisticated look.

Cedar Grill Trellis for Making a DIIY Vertical Garden

There are even some trellis planting kits that come with everything you need to set up your arrangement. Home and garden stores offer basic materials, but if you want a special look or design, you can often find more options available  online.

Another unique advantage to a trellis vertical garden is that you don’t even necessarily need a wall or fence. With a heavy-duty trellis and container, you can have a freestanding vertical garden like the set- up on the left.

What if You Have a Large Area to Cover Like a Blank Wall?

Trellises range in size and shape, and they can get large and expensive. However, there is no reason why you can’t place several trellises side by side along a wall.

This can cut down on cost significantly and make it easier to set up your frames. When aligned properly, your vertical trellis garden can show off a unique and interesting look.

A lattice framework is usually placed ont he ground for vines to grow up it. However, with a vertical garden with pots, the lattice can be attached higher up on a wall. It can even be hung horizontally if that fits your space better.

Unique Vertical Planting Options…

If you have a narrow space that you are working with, or you simply want to create a different look without much work, this vertical planter idea is pretty cool. You can attach hanging plants as will as pots.

The downside is that you can’t grow that many plants. However, this could be perfect for a fancy-looking and easily accessible herb garden.

**Click photos above for more information on trellis planters.