Vertical Garden Ideas for the Office – with Indoor Pocket Planters

EZ Indoor Pocket PlanterDo you want to create a sophisticated-looking indoor garden in your home or office? These indoor/outdoor pocket planters have a waterproof back side that allows you to hang them indoors without damaging your wall. =)

Many of us spend most of our days working in an office indoors. We personalize our desks and work spaces with things that make us more comfortable, items that motivate us and photos that remind us of people we love. 

We can even buy ergonomic chairs and standing workstations and treadmill desks that encourage a healthier “work-style”.

Plants are another healthy addition to indoor offices. There are several varieties that help clean the air we breath, which is especially beneficial if you work near electronics such as computers, etc..

However, with limited desk space, we often forgo potted plants because we simply don’t have the room, or they will get in the way of work. But not vertical gardens!

Vertical gardens can be easily integrated into a workspace, adding beauty, style and cleaning your air – while still being out of the way. They don’t have to be large, expensive or time-consuming to maintain either.

Indoor Pocket Planters with Waterproof Backside for Homes and officeIn fact, one of my favorite indoor varieties is the spider plant. These grow well indoors or out as long as you provide them with some source of light – and it does not need to be a lot. They are one of the top plants for purifying air indoors, and they are not expensive.

Although they prefer regular watering, they don’t require drainage, which makes them perfect candidates for living walls. It also means that you don’t have to be as consistent with your watering schedule (in case you forget). Spider plants are also good at storing water in their roots for when they need it.

They are a low-maintenance plant that can grow quickly in ideal conditions, shooting off new “baby” spider plants, which can then be clipped and rooted in their own pot of soil.

As they mature, they grow a dense cluster of long leaves, which many times can completely cover a small pot. This is another reason why people use spider plants in vertical gardens – they can eventually conceal their growing structure to make it appear like you have an entire living wall.

Spider Plant Indoor GardenThis can work for indoor plantings as well. You don’t even have to use a typical vertical planter. You can grow your spider plant in a regular upright container and still have a really cool looking easy-care indoor vertical garden.

You can see the one I started here. It’s in a Plastic Torino Rectangular Silver Planter that I bought at Home Depot for about $5.00. It does not come with open drainage holes, so it can work perfectly inside for a plants that don’t require drainage.

I am growing 3 plants in the container and two of them are already sprouting baby shoots! Soon, the entire container will be covered in spider plant leaves, and it will look like the plant is growing straight out of the wall. If I was smart, I would paint the container the same color as the wall…

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