12 Ideas for Vertical Gardening Planters & DIY Tips

Ideas for Vertical Garden PlantersYou don’t have to buy a brand new kit to create a really cool vertical garden along a fence or wall of your home. Some of the best wall planters are actually homemade.

In fact, there may be many items that you may already have that can be recycled into one-of-a-kind vertical garden planters – for cheap. You just need to think outside the box – sometimes using items that you might never consider using to house a plant.

We’ve compiled a short list below of creative ways you can build an interesting wall garden with inexpensive materials. In most cases, you don’t need to be a master gardener or carpenter. It’s all about being open to new ideas!

Things to Keep in Mind:

1. Consider the weight of the planting structure or container it you plan on attaching it to a fence. Some planters are designed to lean against a wall or can be set in the ground, and therefore don’t depend on the strength of a fence.

2. Don’t forget that you can make old and worn-out items look new again with a coat of bright paint. On the other hand, many vintage items have their own charm just the way they are and embracing their aged character can add a lot of style to your yard or home.

3. When using multiple containers, create arrangements in odd numbers rather than even. Containers do not need to be the same color, shape size or material, but they should contain one common feature that connects them together and therefore makes the arrangement look more aesthetically pleasing.

12 Vertical Planter Ideas