How to Make a Leaning Ladder Garden – DIY Tips

Freestanding Vertical GardenAnother simple vertical garden that you can make yourself is called a leaning ladder garden. You could even buy a ladder instead of building your own, which would be really quick and easy. However, this would cost more and provide less space and stability for plant containers.

What I like about leaning ladder gardens is that they free up floor space like a vertical garden, but you can use potted plants you already have instead of buying brand new plants and containers. These structures are also moveable and don’t have to be permanently attached to a building or fence, similar to a trellis garden.

Since ladder gardens are very versatile, you have a lot of options as far as what to grow, containers to use, etc.. For those of who are not aesthetically-inclined, these options can actually make a planting project more challenging.

To make the task easier, use the triangle as your guide. The triangular composition is pleasing to eye, according to Container Gardening: 250 Design Ideas & Step- by-Step Techniques, and contains a dominant feature with two smaller elements that surround it. For example, set up one larger container on your ladder garden along with two smaller ones – or a large plant with two smaller varieties. If you plan on using more than 3 containers, think in sets of three. You will simplify your project this way and look like a pro.

These ladder gardens are also great for growing vegetables, since they can support more weight than some other vertical structures, and you can use larger pots. You can also use them for herb gardening or simply put together a really colorful arrangement of flowers for decoration.

The video shows a natural wood ladder garden, but painting the ladder a bright contrasting color or matching it the color of your home can give it a more sophisticated look.