12-Pocket Hanging Vertical Garden – Cheap But Good?

Pocket planters provide an easy, affordable way to create your own living wall of plants. And now, you can get a 12-pocket hanging vertical garden for really cheap.

12 Pocket hanging vertical Garden

Delectable Garden VS Florafelt Pocket Planters:

In fact, this version made by Delectable Garden costs about $22, much less than the original Florafelt Pocket Planter, which costs $159. Therefore, if you want to create a large vertical garden along a fence or wall, you can save yourself a bunch of money.

Of course, Delectable Garden’s knock-off version does not have the exact same design or quality. That said, you still get a worthy product.

Pocket Garden Hanging on WallFor example, their eco-friendly pocket planter is constructed out of recycled PET plastic bottles. In addition, they resist UV deterioration, so this durable inorganic fabric can last a long time. So, they may cost less, but don’t expect them to break after 1 planting season.

Consequently, if you want to build a long-lasting vertical garden in your yard, you can use these soft containers for that.

Note: Another thing I like about plant pockets is that over time foliage can grow over the planter itself. Therefore, you can actually build a living wall inexpensively but that looks impressive.

Florafelt’s product does have a protective backside that provides a barrier between the planter and the surface behind it, unlike the cheaper version. However, it does not prevent water from dripping out of the bottom. Neither product is designed to be used indoors, by the way.

Are Cloth Pockets Healthier for Your Plants?

This synthetic fabric has a breathable quality to it. Therefore, this unique design lets the plant roots receive more oxygen.

Note: In addition, the mesh-like structure allows roots to grow through it. When the roots come in contact with the outside air, they “self-prune”. In other words, the roots branch out more, enabling a better uptake of water and nutrients. Hence, you get a healthier, stronger plant. See more about root growth here.

The Advantage of Having a Lightweight Vertical Garden:

Compared to wood and metal framed gardens, this 12-pocket planter weighs virtually nothing. In fact, it comes in under 2 lbs! Talk about easy installation. =)

Lightweight 12 Pocket Hanging Planters on a Fence

So, if you have concerns about adding a lot of extra weight to a fence, this gives you a practical option to consider. (Florafelt’s version weighs 7 lbs, by the way.)

Can You Grow Food in These Pocket Planters?

The non-toxic synthetic fabric of these pocket planters allow you to safely grow vegetables and herbs in them too. Therefore, you can incorporate more healthy greens into your diet while saving money.

Flower Pot in Pocket PlanterPocket planters make great gardens for kids too because they are easy to use.

In fact, you can insert small flower pots into the pockets instead of filling the fabric with soil.

Therefore, you can easily remove and insert seasonal plants as needed, like strawberries. Not to mention, you can hang these vertical gardens where kids can easily reach them.

What a great way to get young kids into gardening and growing food, right?

How to Create a Privacy Screen with Pocket Planters:

Do you need a privacy wall? Pocket planters can solve this problem for you. For instance, you can build an inexpensive trellis and hang the pockets on the frame.

In addition to creating privacy in your backyard, you can also conceal an ugly view with a lush green screen. See what I mean in the picture below.

Hanging Pocket Planters Creating a Privacy Screen/Wall in Backyard

Specs for the 12-Pocket Hanging Vertical Garden:

12 Pocket hanging vertical GardenYou can stack these pockets vertically or horizontally, so you can easily customize the size and shape of your vertical garden!