3 Ways to Use Bakers Rack Plant Stand for a Vertical Garden

Metal Bakers Rack Plant Stand for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Are you looking for a fun, creative way to display potted plants vertically? Many people like using a bakers rack plant stand because it can hold lots of flower pots without taking up much space.

More Reasons to Use a
Bakers Rack for Plants…

In addition, you don’t have to build or install a complicated planter. These racks arrive already assembled, and you simply unfold them at set them up.

Furthermore, the metal shelves and open walls allow sunlight and airflow to grow healthier plants. Not to mention, you can easily water them without worrying about excess moisture because water can drain straight through the racks.

Using Plastic Planter Trays for Excess Water Runoff from Flower Pots

Note: That said, if you plan on using your backers rack for plants indoors, make sure you use saucers or trays to catch excess water. Baking sheets work well too.

I particularly like these planter trays because they fit the shelves almost perfectly, plus, they don’t cost a lot. (They also match the color of the metal rack itslef.)

Metal Plant Stand Dimensions

This folding metal plant stand is similar to the Wilson & Fisher 4-tier bakers rack (which is currently out of stock). However, this version features colorful floral embellishments in the metal scrollwork.

Specs for the Bakers Rack Plant Stand:

  • Dimensions: 68″ Tall x 25″ Wide x 12″ Deep
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Material: Iron Metal
  • Tiers: 4
  • Color: Black
  • For Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Folds Flat for Storage
  • Model #: 630065
  • Comes Pre-Assembled
  • Manufacturer: UMA Enterprises
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Bakers Rack

Idea #2: Small Bakers Rack for Plants:

Toulouse Bakers Rack Plant Stand

Alternatively, you can get a smaller version, like the 3-tier Toulouse Bakers Rack Plant Stand.

At less than 4 feet tall, you can place this plant holder on top of a table or countertop for an herb garden.

You still get the scroll-embellished metal detailing and open frame design. However, you can plant a smaller vertical garden – or you can get multiple units for a wider garden and space for more plants.

Elevating you garden off the floor or ground can also help keep dogs or ground critters out of your planters too.

4-Tier Corner Metal Scroll Bakers Rack for Plants

Idea #3: Corner Metal Plant Rack:

If you want to fit your plant stand in a corner, then this folding metal bakers rack is for you. This Etagere-style bakers rack has 4 tiers with both large and small shelves with a delicate scroll design. (Also check out this copper-colored metal rack.)

Corner plant stands provide an easy way to make use of corner space which often goes under utilized. Plus, if you have limited space (like on a balcony, small deck or kitchen), you don’t have to worry about this unit creating clutter.

In addition, these corner plant racks fit well in many entryways. Or, get a matching set to create symmetry in your backyard.