Cheaper Version of Gronomics Vertical Garden

Gronomics Vertical Garden KitThe Gronomics vertical garden is ideal for gardeners who don’t want their gardening project to turn into a chore. However, it can get quite pricey.

Note: Also see the YardCraft Garden Planter, very similar in design, at a discounted price.

It’s also larger than other containers, so you can grow lots of plants, including herbs, strawberries and vegetables. No need to buy a bunch of pots that take up space. This planter is compact with an efficient watering system – so you don’t have to use as much water either.

But I digress.

newageplanterMy point is that the Gronomics is sold in some stores for over $300. Sheesh. That’s not cheap.

Recently, I found an alternative. It’s the New Age Garden Living Wall Planter.

Yes, you have to give up the pre-installed watering and drainage system, but for some people, saving $200 is definitely worth it. You might decide to plant drought tolerant plants, install your own drip line or simply water it when needed.

A nice bonus is that the frame is not build with wood, but rather a water repellant material called ecoFLEX. It requires less maintenance and will last longer.


What exactly is ecoFLEX? it is a completely biodegradable and compostable plastic. If you want to use environmentally-friendly products, this is a great alternative to other materials – especially because it’s not expensive and it offers that low-maintenance water repellent feature.

How About a Living Wall?

If you are looking to create a larger living wall, position 3 or 4 of these planters together – and you can have your planting structure prepped and ready for planting in under 1 hour.

Extend a drip line across the top of each planter, and you can have a quick-and-easy irrigation system that is hassle-free and efficient. Water can drip from the upper level down to each level below it.