DIY Lattice Planter Tutorial – Easy Afternoon Project

Lowe’s has this easy DIY tutorial for making a vertical garden using lattice. You can use inexpensive materials that you can pick up at your local home improvement store. This simple gardening project can make a surprisingly big impact on an exterior wall of your home.

Check out the short instructional video:

White Wall Trellis, Assemble YourselfAlthough I really like the concept, the project becomes even easier when you buy a pre-made piece of lattice or ready-to-assemble
garden trellis.

You don’t have to cut, sand or paint any wood, since the unit comes pre-built and ready to assemble. A weekend project instantly becomes an afternoon project, and you can spend your time arranging plants instead.

Many pre-built lattices run between $50 and $100, depending on the size you want. It does cost more than making your own.

However, the cost of wood, paint, nails and other supplies can add up. If you don’t want to spend hours sanding, nailing and painting, $50-$100 may sound like a bargain.

Just like in the video, you can use zip ties to attach terra cotta flower pots to the lattice.

You don’t need any tools to hang the planters once the lattice is secured to the wall. Plus, you can easily remove and replace the flower pots in the zip ties if you ever need to replant flowers.

DIY Lattice Planter: How to Turn a Piece of Lattice into an Amazing Vertical GardenThese trellises are made of durable PVC vinyl, so they are totally weather-proof and never need to be painted.

Although not customizable like the project above, they are very similar and have the advantage of being low maintenance.

Attach them to a fence or alongside the outside of your house. Lattice planters make an easy design fix for large blank walls. They are also a convenient way to add greenery to an outdoor walkway , front entry or patio without taking up any floor space.

Alternatively, you could use them indoors to hang houseplants, (assuming your flower pots don’t have drainage holes that leak water onto the floor).

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