How Much Does a Vertical Garden Cost? How to Save Money…

There is a wide range when it comes to the cost of vertical gardens. People can build their own using free or recycled materials, they can have wall planters built for them or they can purchase pre-made vertical garden kits. So how much does a vertical garden cost?

Costs typically include:

  • The Planter
  • Soil
  • Plants
  • Optional: Drip Watering System

Just Getting Started? Check Out Pocket Planters…

For people who are just getting started with vertical gardening, pocket planters can be an easy way to start. They require minimal set-up, and they provide a healthy living environment for plants so that you can achieve a thriving living wall with minimal effort.

Self-Watering Pocket Garden

The cost will depend on the brand, quality and size of the planter you buy. Prices start at under $10 and go over $100. Some of the softer felt pouches will be cheaper, and waterproof versions get more expensive. You can even get large recycled plastic self-watering pockets for about $12 when purchased in 4-packs. This is actually a great deal for those looking for a low-maintenance garden without the expense of installing a drip watering system.

A nice advantage to using pockets is that they can be purchased individually or in small groups, and you can add more later to increase the size of your garden or even create and entire wall of plants. This means that gardeners don’t have to invest a lot of money to get started.

Since the pocket planters are smaller in size, they are easier to move. Large wood-framed planters are typically permanent and not meant to be moved.

On a Budget? Use Recycle Plastic Bottles or Shipping Pallets…

Many gardeners on a budget use recycled plastic bottles or wood shipping pallets to create custom vertical gardens. Although not as “designer-looking”, they carry their own charm and style, especially in a rustic environment.

In this case, the planter materials can usually be acquired for free, so the only cost is the plants and soil themselves (and maybe some weed fabric paint/stain for the wood pallet). shows how to build a pallet garden for just $30.

Shipping pallets can be attached to a wall or sturdy fence – or they can stand alone. Joe Lamp’l of the TV series Growing a Greener World has photos and shows steps on how to make your own pallet garden that would be perfect for growing herbs right by a kitchen window.

Other cool DIY vertical garden ideas include gutter gardens, using metal ducts or PVC pipes, mailboxes, hanging regular old flower pots and more.

What About Indoors?

Indoor vertical gardens can be a little trickier to build yourself because you want to ensure that they don’t leak water or ruin your wall. The best option here can be vertical garden kits, which range in price as well. The good news is that you can get some really cool ones for less than $50.

Indoor Vertical Garden Kit by Vertibloom
$40 Vertibloom Indoor Vertical Garden Kit

For example, Vertibloom makes a modular planter system starter kit which is easy to install and is mess-free. Similar to pocket planters, these kits are sold individually, but gardeners can get multiple kits to create a larger wall garden. This is perfect for a kitchen herb garden, by the way!

Prices for More Vertical Garden Kits: