Plastic Bottle Garden – How to Make Your Own

plastic water bottlesDo you have extra water bottles or soda bottles laying around waiting to get recycled? Well, why not create your own vertical bottle garden that can save you space, water and of course money.

Whether you choose to simply grow a few plants, herbs, build a vertical strawberry garden or turn a boring wall into a work of art – you have lots of options. Many people have even started their own complete vegetable garden using this method.

The following video shows a really cool garden set-up using recycled plastic 2-liter water bottles that essentially irrigate each other vertically. This space-saving and water-saving DIY vertical garden system could easily be implemented on a balcony or small patio with either very cheap recycled items or more upscale materials for a more finished look.


This next video demonstrates how to use plastic bottles to grow plants along a vertical wall – but instead of hanging upside down or upright, the bottles are laying on their sides. This type of plastic bottle garden could actually be used indoors as well as long as the container has no leaks or drainage holes and the plant does fine without regular drainage.