Indoor Living Wall Planter = Easy Vertical Gardening

Vertical Wall Planter Kit for Growing Plants Indoors on Your Wall

Note: The Edelwhite wall planter is out of stock. We suggest checking out the Ortis Green wall garden kit. It features a very similar design and style – and it comes with a built-in drip tray!

Just water plants through the top inlet. You don’t even have to remove the container from the wall. Plus, you can stack several units side by side to create a larger wall garden.

Edelwhite Modern Living Wall Planter

If you want to grow an indoor vertical garden that looks sleek and modern, I’ve got a simple solution for you. This planter is called “Edelwhite”, and it requires very little care once you have installed your plants.

What Makes This Living Wall Planter “Easy”?

The secret to this low-maintenance indoor living wall planter lies in the soil-free technology: rock wool. Rock wool has long been used in hydroponic gardening as a horticultural growing media. It contains salt and chalk.

Indoor Living Wall Planter with Succulents

Rock wool is very water efficient. Besides holding on to water to keep plant roots moist, it irrigates the top row and bottom row of plants evenly. You don’t have to be a master gardener to grow lush and vibrant foliage.

Therefore, this material makes the ideal media for indoor vertical gardens. You can water your greenery less often and still grow healthy plants.

In addition, you can water the planter without removing it from the wall. I love this feature! It does not leak or create a mess, and plant care literally takes a few seconds a week.

Use These Planters Vertically… or Horizontally

Hanging plants vertically gives you the advantage of not taking up table or shelf space. Furthermore, it keeps leaves and flowers away from young kids and pets. Plus, these planters give you a modern and unexpected way to decorate your walls (not to mention easy!).

In fact, units are designed to be used in multiples. The background leaf design flows from one planter to the next. Again, you don’t have to be a professional designer to make your home look sophisticated and stylish.

6 No-Leak White Indoor Living Wall Planters

All that said, you can lay Edelwhite planters flat on a table or other surface. They make interesting centerpieces as well.

Actually, if you decide to hang your Edelwhite gardens on a wall, you can always remove them and temporarily use them as table centerpieces for a special occasion. It’s a simple decorator trick that does double duty and costs you no extra money.

Which Plants Should You Use in the Edelwhite?

As you’ve already seen, this indoor living wall planter is versatile. You can grow a variety of different plants in it as well. More good news! Virtually any 2″ plant from your local nursery will fit into the living wall planter. You don’t have to special order anything!

The trick to a happy garden is providing adequate light for the plants you choose. For example, ferns do better in low-light environments. On the other hand, succulents and herbs require more sunlight.

Indoor Living Wall Planter Specs:

  • Dimensions: 14″ Tall x 14″ Wide x 2.8″ Deep
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs
  • Each Planter Holds 6 Plants
  • Plants Sold Separately
  • About the Company: SageLife
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