Indoor Vertical Wall Planter… with Anti-Drip Tray!

Do you want to hand plants on your walls inside your home – without the worry of making a dripping mess? The Ortis Green Indoor Vertical Wall Planter gives you everything you need to plant and grow a vertical garden indoors in a self-contained “box”…

Indoor Vertical Wall Garden Kit with Drainage Tray Included

In fact, this modern, contemporary white wall planter practically blends right into your wall. Once the foliage has started to mature, it covers the holes on the planter, making it appear like the plants are growing right out of your wall!

These complete wall gardening systems making growing houseplants virtually effortless. Not to mention, they don’t even look like traditional flower pots.

3 Key Advantages to These Indoor Vertical Garden Kits:

1. Easy Watering: First of all, they feature an invisible top opening for watering. Therefore, you can irrigate your garden without even having to remove the planter from the wall.

Indoor Vertical Wall Planter with Drainage Tray to Catch Excess Water

2. No Dripping: Second, the vertical garden kit includes an anti-drip tray at the base that you hardly notice. It catches excess water, so you don’t have to worry about your planter dripping down the side of your wall. =)

Vertical Planter Drainage Tray

3. Healthier Plants: Third, each wall garden kit comes with sphagnum moss which absorbs a lot of water. Therefore, your plants stay hydrated and healthy without you having to constantly babysit them.

Note: This indoor vertical wall garden does it all: it holds, displays AND cares for your plants simultaneously. In other words, it requires minimal maintenance on your part. Just enjoy all the compliments that roll in from your house guests…

How to Set Up Your Ortis Green Vertical Wall Planter:

Ortis Green makes it really easy to customize the look of your indoor vertical garden by packaging their kits in small wall cubes. As a result, you can get the number of planters you need to build the garden size you want.

For instance, some people like to build a long horizontal wall garden over a desk, credenza or cabinet. Alternatively, you can stack the plant cubes vertically to create a tall, elongated vertical garden in a front entryway or in a bathroom.

Plus, you can start with a few kits and grow the size of your indoor wall garden over time. Then, mix and match plants to create a really unique and custom look that fits your home.

Vertical Wall Planter Kit for Growing Plants Indoors on Your Wall

If you like the idea of a simple DIY wall planter box that you can hang on the wall, this kit is pretty much idiot-proof. Not only is it quick to assemble, but it looks like you had a professional build it once you’re done.

Design your own modern, wall-mounted herb garden in the kitchen or construct a large succulent living wall above your bed. The possibilities are endless, so get creative. =)

Specs for Indoor Vertical Wall Planter:

Plastic Vertical Wall Planters VS Wooly Pockets:

florafelt wall pocket gardenCompared to wooly pocket planters, these modern wall gardens have a more sophisticated look. Plus, they don’t make a mess because their irrigation system is self-contained.

Consequently, people prefer these vertical wall planters to use indoors. Wooly pockets can hold larger plants and allow the soil to breath through their specially-designed fabric. However, I think they work best outside.