Square Foot Gardening Planner – Grow Vegetables at Home

square foot gardening blueprintIf you want to save time, money and work when growing your plants, vegetables and/or fruit, you may want to take a look at square foot gardening. It is a very efficient way to grow a plentiful garden without spending a ton of time or money in the process.

By using specific (yet simple) strategies from Mel Bartholomew, gardeners can waste less and avoid many common problems. For example, hand watering plant roots directly requires less water, and densely-planted vegetation will help stop weeds from growing. Check out this video to see what I mean:


To take advantage of all of the benefits that square foot gardening provides, use a garden planner or planting chart. It will show you the proper layout and spacing that you need to follow in order to get maximum growth with minimum effort.

Bartholomew includes an easy-to-follow planting chart in his instruction guide, “All New Square Foot Gardening” as well as how to build the right planting structure, create the proper soil mixture and even set up a vertical gardening system.

The step-by-step color photos are extremely helpful for beginners, as well as charts, diagrams and measurements. If you are a fan of recycling, you will also appreciate tips for re-using materials and making the most of items you already have.