Vertical Gardening Ideas for the Holidays

It’s nice to decorate during the holidays, but if you’re like me, you don’t want to buy a bunch of cheap plastic decorations to put up around the house. Of course, I really like plants, but December isn’t the time when people are out gardening.

There are festive-colored plants that bloom during the winter, like poinsettias, amaryllis and Christmas cactus. Why not incorporate some of these into the holiday home decor – vertically, of course?

I’ve found some photos of creative holiday garden designs that are great vertical gardening ideas for people who want to make their own living holiday decor. They can be as simple as using items you have – maybe adding some paint, ribbon, etc… Alternatively, you might be up for a fun holiday gardening project – in which case I say Go for it!

red and green vertical gardenI saw this picture on Inter Leafings and thought it was a great idea because you actually don’t need a lot of plants. In fact, you can use regular green foliage and make the pots or other containers the festive part of the decor.

Colorful pots can also be used for other holidays throughout the year and easily repainted. Nothing needs to go to waste, and it you think about it, you may already have everything need in your house…

vertical poinsettia gardenIf you want a simple gardening project during the holidays, what about planting poinsettias in Woolly Pockets? I think this would be perfect for an entryway, front porch or patio, and once the holiday season is over, you can remove the seasonal flowers and add something new! has a great picture of this to the right. They have simply stacked several rows of Woolly Pockets in rows to create a large square garden. The cool thing about Woolly Pockets is that you can make your vertical garden any size you want.

I actually never thought you could actually make a good-looking poinsettia vertical garden until I saw this arrangement, and now I am wishing that this flower bloomed all year round.

holidaygarden3This next idea is from Island View Nursery, and I don’t think it was designed for the holidays actually. It just has some festive colors.

Although the plants in this photo are probably more suitable for tropical climates, there are similar succulents that would work perfectly indoors.

And, if you already have a vertical garden with plain greenery, you might be able to easily add some small red and white flowers into the mix to make it more festive – without spending a lot of time or money doing it.

holidaygarden4Poly-Tex makes the PlantScape Stone Vertical Garden that is designed for outdoors to be positioned along a wall. I like this image because it shows that you can have a great-looking vertical garden without filling up all the wall space. Strategically-placed plants can sometimes create a more appealing look and help individual plants stand out.

It comes in white or brown and includes a pretty cool concealed drainage system so that homeowners don’t have to worry about a big mess or a lot of work.

This photo shows mainly green plants, but you know you can put anything in your wall planter – switch it up and get creative!

Urbio Wall PlanterThe Christmas cactus is a festive and low maintenance plant that looks great year-round, even when it’s not blooming. I have not tried it in a vertical arrangement, but I imagine with its size and shape that it may be best to keep it upright – while in a vertical design.

Use them indoors arranged in containers a row on a shelf or in colorful pots attached to a wall, since they prefer warmer climates.

Another option for indoor vertical gardens is the Urbio Wall Planter This is a convenient planting structure for using indoors and includes several potting spaces in each structure. It has a clean and minimalist look to it.