Vertical Vegetable Gardening – Why Start a Mini Garden?

Rabbit saying don't get a vertical gardenVertical gardening is one of the latest trends in growing edibles – not to mention home decor. You can grow a lot of fruit and vegetables in a minimal amount of space – and have it look attractive and interesting at the same time.

Urban Gardeners

There is an increasing number of urban gardeners – the people who essentially want to have their own mini farms, yet don’t have enough space in their backyard to plant a lawn. Space is not stopping them though – and why should it when you can grow… up?

The Many Benefits of Vertical Gardening

Although a large number of people who start wall gardening do so because of limited space, you don’t have to be space-challenged to enjoy the many benefits of growing up…

For example, edibles and plants grown on walls or fences don’t have to worry about being attacked or eaten  by pets or other critters. Water can drain from upper planters to lower containers, creating a very efficient irrigation system.

Gardens situated higher up often benefit from additional sunlight, which makes for happier plants. People who experience back pain will also appreciate gutter gardens, tiered gardens and pocket gardens that enable them to tend their gardens without bending over.

Vertical Garden Containers

Thanks to vertical gardening DIY, home gardeners have become really creative, and in doing so all sorts of interesting vertical garden designs have been developed. Not only are they functional and efficient as far as sunlight, irrigation and space used – they can double as home decor, turning a plain bare wall into a living work of art.

Woman Growing Vegetables at Home in an Urban Greenhouse Garden

Succulents are a hot item when it comes to designing gardens as vertical wall art. They require minimal water and maintenance and look great year-round. They are easy to grow as well as impressive-looking. There are even easy starter kits for beginners who want to create their first vertical garden. No problem!

There are plenty of garden kits that you can buy that you can set up in minutes – without having to really know what you’re doing. Alternatively, you can build many  growing structures yourself for very little money and with simple vertical garden plans.

As with any planting project, you want to first figure out what you want to grow and why you are growing it. Many vertical gardens tend to be large and very durable – so they will last a long time. Make a plan for the long term, and you can have a great-looking space-saving garden that is very low maintenance.

Speaking of durability, you may have more options than you think when it comes to growing food vertically. Amber Norato, author of Vertical Gardening for Beginners, says that you can even grow melons vertically using a trellis.