How to Save Money on a Cedar Vertical Planter

Yardcraft Vertical Planter with 6 Dual-Sided Shelves and Top Planting ContainerNote: The Cedar vertical planter is currently out of stock. We suggest checking out the YardCraft garden planter instead. It’s made of heavy-duty cedar wood, however, its doesn’t come pre-stained.

You can grow plants from both sides of the planter. Therefore, you can maximize output if want to grow berries or herbs. You can also move the garden around to get the best sunlight.

Cedar Vertical PlanterThe 7-level vertical garden planter from Leisure Time Products is very similar to that from Gronomics. They both are built from cedar wood and have 6 slats in which to plant, plus a planting bed across the top.

I like the design of both because they provide a significant amount of growing space while taking up a small footprint. They are sturdy and well-designed while having a professional, finished look.

They are designed with both the plants and the gardener in mind: they keep plants healthier and also require less maintenance to do so.

What are the Differences?

The main difference is that the Gronomics Planter includes a drip irrigation and drainage system built-in. This is handy for keeping plants lush and green while directing excess water away from your patio or deck. It also requires less maintenance.

The trade off is the cost. The Gronomics version costs more (up to $100 more, depending on seasonal sales, etc..), while Leisure Time’s product saves you money so you can buy more plants or install your own irrigation system if you want.

Storage Compartment in Cedar PlanterSome cool features to note of Leisure Time’s cheaper model are [1] the planter is pre-stained and [2] it includes a concealed storage compartment at the base of the unit.

Although there is some basic assembly required, when the garden is put together it looks finished without requiring any “finishing touches”.

So What’s So Great About Cedar?

Although cedar costs more than fir and other woods, it’s ideal for outdoor planter boxes. It’s resistant to insects (good for protecting plants) and doesn’t rot as quickly, so obviously it will last longer. If you think about a cedar planter’s cost in terms of life span, they actually can end up costing less over time.


  • Holds 4.5 cubic ft of soil
  • 33″ long x 15 11/16″ deep x 48 13/16″ high
  • Comes in easy-to-assemble prefabricated panels pre-painted with water-based stain (not chemically-treated)
  • Product manual


Over time, the cedar will need to be re-stained to maintain its finished look. The frequency will depend on how much exposure it receives to sun, rain, etc.. and the type of stain you use.

The planter is available through at a discounted price and free shipping. I’d also suggest checking out listing on eBay to see if there are cheaper there.

As You Might Have Noticed…

They are much like the popular pallet gardens, except that you don’t have to find a pallet or purchase additional materials like landscape fabric. The layered slats also make it so that you don’t have to use as much soil- or that all of the soil sinks to the bottom (as it does in a pallet garden).

Want to Build Your Own?

The video below shows how to do it. Although this option requires more time and work and often more cost, it allows you to adjust the height, width and depth of your garden to a size the works for you and your backyard space.