Make a Strawberry Tower or Strawberry Pyramid Planter

strawberry plant in the gardebStrawberries are tasty to easy and easy to grow. However, many people want to know how to grow more berries in a small space and how to prevent them for being eaten by predators.

Of course my answer to this is vertical gardens – but there is more than just one solution here.

How to Grow Strawberries in a Vertical Greenstalk PlanterNew: The Greenstalk stacking planter contains 30 separate growing compartments, so it works really well for herb gardens, lettuce, strawberries, etc.. In addition, it has a 360-degree design, so you can plant and view it from all angles.

I also like the efficient built-in watering design that this planter has. For instance, you just water the top, and water trickles down evenly to each compartment.

The Strawberry Pyramid

The first idea is a strawberry pyramid planter. This option is ideal for people who are not short on space and who also don’t have ground predators who will eat their harvest. Essentially, you start by building a raised bed and then add multiple tiers on top of it to create a pyramid.

Since the vertical design creates more soil space, you can grow more plants. It also becomes easier to reach and harvest the fruit – not to mention you’ve got this cool pyramid structure to look at in your backyard.

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The video below explains how to build your own:


If you are looking for strawberry pyramid plans, you can get a list of the specific materials and tools needed for this project here.

Hanging Strawberry Pots

The second method is using a hanging planter. You can keep rabbits, raccoons and other creatures away from your plants this way, although you may still need to look out for birds.

According to The Fruit Gardener’s Bible by Lewis Hill and Leonard Perry, you want to choose a strawberry planting site that receives lots of sun and has well-drained soil. In certain areas, you may also need to protect your berries from frost. This makes hanging strawberry pots and movable strawberry towers a great choice for growing this plant.

Hanging containers tend to be smaller, but don’t let that stop you from growing a small harvest. Certain pots let you grow strawberries all around the pot instead of just up. Therefore, you can grow more plants, and you can also get multiple planters.

I personally have not tried the Topsy Turvy strawberry grower, since it has not had great reviews. However, the concept is a good one.

For instance, the Mr Stacky 5 Tiered Hanging & Stacking Vertical Garden is made of better quality materials and can last you several years.

  • Looking for a container you can use indoors? No problem – drainage dish is included.
  • Don’t want a hanging pot? Enjoy it freestanding on the ground or a table instead.
  • Need a shorter container? Just disconnect the layers to create multiple shorter planters.
  • You are not limited to strawberries – grow herbs or succulents as

Strawberry Towers

A third option is a strawberry tower. Typically this type of vertical garden is made from a 4″-6″ PVC pipe or similar. You can also use a galvanized wire mesh fence.

And, if you’re looking for the easiest way possible to build a strawberry tower, there are some pretty cool kits too. Click Here to See Them Now.